Queen of Earth

Queen of Earth

I hated this film.

I felt that it had zero momentum. It was stagnant. It just lingered like a festering and infected hair follicle. Maybe that was the point. Maybe director Alex Ross Perry was trying to marinade us in the repugnant atmosphere of this summer cabin. I can see how that would be his intention.

I got the sense of what it was like to be there. I also got the sense of what it was like to be isolated with what I found to be emotionally disgusting people saying horrible things to one another.

What I didn't get is any understanding of why I would want to be in that situation.

I don't think that people talk to one another the way that these characters. Or at least if they do, I am so thankful that I haven't had to experience it. I would either kill them, or myself.

White people problems? I wish this film was sending up WPP films. It was very close, but I don't think the movie was going for anything that easy. I can't say at all what the film was going for, but I have faith that it did have a purpose.

The score is that of a horror film, and it uses the music A LOT to convey mood. I wonder if the film was scored to some zanny sitcom music, but otherwise untouched, if it would work as a comedy? I kind of think that it would. The score is oppressive as it is.

I think Elizabeth Moss gave a powerful performance, I just don't think the movie did anything to help her or support her. I loved Catherine Waterson in Inherent Vice, but I really didn't like here her. She seem flat and uninteresting. Also, the close ups on her "ducky" face, didn't work for me either.

The movie makes direct reference to a few films that I caught. Films that I love. I wonder of Perry relied to heavily on the tone of those films and didn't develop this film enough?

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