Halloween ★★½

Big disappointment for me. Two years ago I did a "Year of Horror" marathon, where I caught up with all the notable horror films that I had missed over the years. For some reason, John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN was never available. So I finally caught up with it this year.

"It's a shame Brian DePalma didn't direct this story", is what I was thinking the entire time I was watching this film. Instead, Carpenter spends far too long on establishing shots that go nowhere. I never felt a chill or a tension throughout the entire movie.

The performances were terrible (I think intentionally so). But don't totally blame the actors, the script was weak and flat. Donald Pleasense is the only one giving it the old college try. Jason was supposed to be a thing of myth. A born killer, with an unstoppable urge for death. But how entertaining is that? For me, not very.

Carpenter tried to milk every ounce of anticipation and suspense for each establishing shot and lead up, but they went on too long and didn't connect with the rest of the story. They were like boring short avant-garde films.

In the end I was bored by this movie. But it does have some fun camera work, and there are a few memorable shots, but not enough for me to enjoy.

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