The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★½

The picture is very familiar. Reminded me of Insomnia for some reason. That doesn't mean its a bad movie. It's 1990 in California. No cell phones, GPS or any helpful gizmos. You want to solve shit? You have to scuff your cop's shoes. Denzel is a veteran law enforcement cop but more of a municipal level, he meets an ambitious young cop on a murder case played by Malek. Slowly they earn each other's respect because they both know this is an elusive serial killer that's so arrogant and so narcissistic that he'll risk getting caught because that's what he secretly wants and he wants to have fun fuckin with the cop's sanity. The movie really is about obsession. The one that turns into addiction. The kind that leaves you making poor judgment decisions in deadly territory. The acting is strong here. Denzel registers so much pain and loss on his face. Rami goes through a very interesting arc and more than holds his own against Washington. Leto is also interesting as the creepy weirdo/crime buff. The end has an ambiguity that stayed with me after its over. Really good.

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