The Kitchen

The Kitchen ★★★

"Thing is that Widows it's a bett..." "Shut up!" New York's Hell Kitchen 1978. The underworld is a melting pot of black, Hispanic, Italian, but the dominant force are the Irish. Three Westies' wives have their husbands arrested for a robbery and doing three years locked up. The wives are forced into a life of crime, sort of replacing their husbands in the gang and they're succeeding and start doing better than the men. They establish themselves and they'll take over even when they're husbands come back out in the streets. The 70s look of the city is dead on. Moss, Haddish and McCarthy are all right but its Domhnall Gleeson as a knowledgeable hitman that steals a scene or two. Fans of mob movies I think will have a good time here.