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  • Scum of the Earth!

    Scum of the Earth!


    HGL exposé on young girls being tricked and exploited via pictures showing boobies, prints of them in their underpants. Larry, Mr. Lang and Ajax. One of the bad guys says he's a minor. Motherfucker looks 35. They called these flicks "roughies". Those repressed bastards back in 63 I bet were salivating themselves watching that "man on woman violence", what the fuck?! Herschel at least pushed the envelope about nudity on the screen. The filming of stag films. The "Boogie Nights" moments are many including naked women wearing birthday hats, racquets, baseball bats, gloves, caps. Stunning! Oh, well, you know...

  • Clockwatchers



    I watched this one back in 97. On rewatch it was better than I remember it. Four outstanding performances by Colette, Kudrow, Ubach and specifically Parker Posey doing a truly amazing job as Margaret. Four twentysomethings and their funky office jobs. The day to day grind they manage with humor and being very close supporting each other. Office shit draining the joy out of them. Very well done by Jill Sprecher. A shame she didn't do more! Posey's last scene is a heartbreaker.

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  • Starry Eyes

    Starry Eyes


    Sinister, dark, brutal, I fucking loved it. Alex Essoe gives a brilliant, punishing, literally, performance. Pat Healy plays another sleaze with Burt Reynolds stache and everything. The girl that played Britanny Murphy on that horrible Lifetime movie is here too. The two directors here directed the shit out of their own Hollywood story. They have vision, style and balls. The score is great also. Reminded me a bit of Mulholland Dr. Thanks Matt for the factoid.

  • Predestination



    The most ambitious film the Spierig brothers have done. And their best. They reteam with Ethan Hawke for this trippy, time travel adventure. Forget explaining anything about it. The joy is just to watch it unfold, expertly under the direction of the Spierig brothers. I wonder how they'll top this one. It's gonna be great. By the way, Sarah Snook gives one of the best performances I've seen this year in a brave, complicated and very moving acting job.