Eric has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★½ during 2021.

  • A Quiet Place Part II

    A Quiet Place Part II


    Movies are just television episodes now.

  • Stowaway



    S’good. Good movie. But I still think the same thing I thought when I saw the trailer. It would be better without the conflict. Like a Magic Mike XXL. Just 4 colleagues/friends doing their job in space and having a nice time talking about their lives and nobody has to die and I don’t have to feel stressed out at all.

    I feel like we’ve seen every variation of this kind of movie by now except for the space hangout. Maybe the next big space movie after this one can give that to me.

  • Mortal Kombat

    Mortal Kombat


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I loved when Sub-Zero said “I am Bi-Han no longer. From this day forth I shall be known as Sub-Zero!” And then later when Scorpion shows up again he’s all like “Hanzo who? I’m Scorpion now.” 

    This is a very stupid movie. But they said the names and they did the moves and they said the lines and they played the song and I totally marked out.

    Also why was Kano the best part of a Mortal Kombat movie? That’s insane. I love him.
    Bring him back for the sequel. Nobody dies forever in the games.