First Cow

First Cow ★★★★★

Kelly Reichardt Movies Ranking

Before rewatching First Cow tonight I thought there can't be much improvements from the first time, but I was proved wrong. What a revelation. The intimacy, warm and liveliness of pre-historic Oregon territory alongside with the film's nuanced portrayal of friendship, capitalism and colonialism to some extent are wrapped in Kelly Reichardt usual stillness, minimalism, tranquillity and it's just simply irresistible. The life seems so fragile in this untamed land left untouched by the history and I found myself way much more moved by the tragic end this time around and I was able to process some thoughts more clear too. But before giving out full 5 stars I was thinking is this one actually deserved it? Because as much as I loved Reichardt films and claimed her as my favorite woman director ever I've never rated this high before, but I can't lie my feelings and what I just saw, can I? And now I felt like I need to go through her whole body of work again. This woman is simply in a league of her own.

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