Once Upon a Time in America ★★★½

"You'll be carrying the stink of the streets with you for the rest of your life!"

This review will solely be based on the European cut which was nearly 4 hours long!!!

Let me say Sergio did very good on here. The hard work put into the direction of this film, with its lavishing 30's & 60s wardrobes, spectacular production sets, great cinematography from Tonino Delli Colli, the classic score...just everything works! And it's a crime it didn't receive any Oscar nods when it came out. A lot of work was put into all of those and it shows greatly with its epic runtime. 

Okay with that out of the way, I can say I didn't care much for the story. Even with the time length I couldn't even really connect with the characters at all. They were scumbags, assholes, the lowest level of shit ever. If I don't care for people like that in real life, I def can't stand them on screen. Sorry but I can't relate to a protagonist that just rapes whenever. I know they were setting up the raw toughness of early America but they could of just made them have some likeable qualities. It kind of made the watch hard cause I was basically stuck in a room full of people I hated (ugh story of my life), so bottom line: I despised Noodles and his gang. 

I know Sergio wanted it to be a 6-hour film back to back with each part being 3 hours long! Also read it was originally longer than that.......I would have love to have seen that one which could have fixed a lot of problems for me and also could bath more in its techinal merits.

I did enjoy the western feel he brought to it as well with some good violet scenes (my personal favorite was the chase into a sawmill with dust flying in the screen) 

But I just felt with its huge runtime I could have really got invested in the story and characters. Even the ending feels like a cheap payoff which pissed me off after sitting for an eternity on my numb ass which took me twice as long to smack it awake.

In the end, it wasn't a complete waste and I feel it gets rated high because of its scope and obvious runtime mark which is screaming to be appreciated.

But glad people enjoyed it

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