Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

"We are dealing with a monster from a bygone era."

I was always a sucker for straight-up B monster movies from the 40s and 50s that I'd watch on Spike back in the day. And that's what this film is...a homage to the classical monster films. 

Even though PJ's version is more close to the original, this one sets up a pretty interesting take in the 70s and continues the whole MonsterVerse soon to come!

I liked the 2005's take cause of its realistic and depressing atmosphere. I enjoyed this one because of its vibrate colors, the direction they take Kong and holy fuck those creepy ass creatures on that island! Don't get me wrong 2005 had some fucked up ones, but when you're walking through a passage of bamboo sticks and a few of those "sticks" turn out to belong on a big fucking spider above you!...then there's no competition haha

As much as I loved it's cheesy fun and making Kong more badass. It was kind of silly at times with some characters being dumb as hell. I thought John C. Reilly would be a problematic "up to speed" guy for the audience and wasn't much use otherwise, BUT safe to say I loved him on here and really thought he was the only character to root for to get off the island. Also Brie Larson's smile brightens my whole day! I really liked her on here. I liked Tom too but he was just your generic leading man and Samuel's character development was a little shifty throughout. Also definitely a lot of missed opportunities and needless characters.

But nonetheless the action and directing delivered what I wanted. It didn't try to be anything else than what it's meant to be and I respect it for that.

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