A Chinese Ghost Story

A Chinese Ghost Story ★★★★

t̲h̲e̲s̲e̲ ̲w̲o̲o̲d̲s̲ ̲a̲r̲e̲ ̲h̲a̲u̲n̲t̲e̲d̲

Um wow this was—something else. Very mystical with a touch of well placed humor. This was actually pretty fucking awesome haha. I’m sure it’s a classic in china and by every right it should be. I found myself getting slowly pulled into the otherworldly story while the magical yet very loud score soothed me away. 

The musical number with swordsman yin had me dead. I laughed so hard James nearly had to call an ambulance, that was the funniest shit I’ve seen in awhile. I see it has two sequels so very excited to see those soon. This was so good and one of the best watches with Cody and James where we all three were bringing down the house with laughter & awe.

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