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  • Predator
  • Blade
  • Attack the Block
  • Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

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  • Tenet


  • Land of Bad


  • Madame Web


  • Out of Darkness


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  • Tenet



    I've seen this again at home since its initial release and have warmed up to it over the years, but getting the full IMAX experience put things into better focus.

    Divorced from the post-quarantine tension, memes, and forced discourse about it's confusing narrative, I was able to soak in TENET in "purity" and appreciated it on its face as a peculiar, ambitious big budget espionage action film. Audience responded in kind, they were locked in.

    Just the same, its paradoxes…

  • Land of Bad

    Land of Bad


    LAND OF BAD is a quality action-oriented war film. No deep rumination on our post-GWOT era to be found here, just highly proficient tactical drama. This Hemsworth boy got the clean cut action hero goods and Fat Cranky Old Russell Crowe is God Tier Russell Crowe.
    Wack title, Great picture.

    Milo Ventimiglia is the secret weapon in LAND OF BAD. I’m not too familiar with him but I know he does great work, but he is absolutely incredible as an…

Popular reviews

  • Nope



    My nigga Jordan Peele really said “okay but what if Biblically Accurate One Eyed One Horned Flying Purple People Eater” the fucking MADMAN

    Just a really interesting blend of influences, approaches, and themes; Jordan Peele’s movies wear their influences on their sleeves but they still makes for unique visions that know how to engage the crowd.

    One thing that caught my attention: The history of Black Cowboys/Horse wranglers is the history of America itself. I dare say it’s a bit of a master stroke for Jordan Peele to make the creative statement that they are a part of our cultural future as well

  • Kandahar



    The worst thing about KANDAHAR is that it isn’t THE COVENANT.

    The best thing about KANDAHAR is when it secretly becomes a Pakistani 007 movie.

    Everything in between? Solid! 
    Gerard “The Beef” Butler & Ric Roman Waugh deliver another B-Movie banger.

    People were surprised Guy Ritchie’s THE COVENANT wasn’t what it was advertised as. KANDAHAR is the movie you thought COVENANT was…..And Yet, the interrogation of multinational proxy war in Afghanistan that Ritchie avoids is faced Head-On by Waugh & co. Smarter than…