Moonlight ★★★★

Vprento’s 2016 Movies: Best to Worst

We all know how powerful Moonlight is, how the acting by everybody is so natural, how every line is spoken with a certain emotion hiding behind it and how well it's all put together.

But the most interesting and memorable part of Moonlight, for me at least, has to be the poster. I mean, just look at it. Before watching the movie, I loved the poster. It hyped me beyond belief. It's the perfect poster, one of the best ever. Seriously.

Alex Hibbert is Chiron in the first act, where he's basically a mute, being bullied by kids, living in a dysfunctional home with a crackhead of a mom, and finding solace only in the company of Mahershala Ali, a drug dealer with a heart of gold, who he later emulates.

Ashton Sanders is Chiron in the second act, a teenager who has actually learned how to talk, every if he says 3 words at a time. A first kiss under the moonlight, a magical moment indeed. Another great performance here.

Trevante Rhodes is Chiron in the third, final act, as a man sheltered from society's constraints behind a buff body and a "tough-guy" persona. But when the shell cracks, you can't help but cry along with this little boy, still scared, struggling to form a full sentence.

I'd like to revisit this one in the future, confident that it will leave an even bigger mark on me.

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