A Ghost Story

A Ghost Story ★★★★½

Believe me when I say I hate Casey Affleck as much as the rest of you. I hate him as much as I love Rooney Mara. But with this movie, I found it too easy to look past it's problematic lead and embrace the movie for what it was (probably because I didn't have to look at his ugly face for the entire runtime).

Those who discredit this movie probably find it to be too sparse and patience-testing on top of being distracted by the aspect ratio—which I got used to as the film went along—and they have good reason for that, especially when the plot hits an ambiguous derailment toward the end. But as someone who constantly has late night existential crises involving the possibilities of the afterlife and the horrible implications of the endlessness of time, it was extremely overwhelming to watch all of my otherworldly anxieties get so thoroughly deconstructed for 90 minutes. The movie tests and rewards not just an audience's patience, but their entire belief system without forcing any grating religious context by turning the quotidian into something cosmic and surreal.It has so much visual language I would often forget that 10 or so minutes would go by without a single line of dialogue. When it comes down to it, it's everything an introverted hipster lives for.

In conclusion, I hate Casey Affleck and love Rooney Mara as much as I hated how much I loved this movie. And yes, the pie scene as well as Kesha's .001 second cameo as "SPIRIT GIRL" (!!!!!!) were huge contributors to my high praise.

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