Halloween ★★★★

I've always thought the moment we see Michael's face is a bit of a narrative fuck-up; not seeing him at all, not knowing if he's human or not, chills one even more than attaching a human face to his almost supernatural evil. That questioning of one's reality is important to truly driving home the force of horror, and seeing him unmasked doesn't really do anything for the audience. I just wish it wasn't there. Let him fade into the darkness, like a spectre, like a wraith, like the night itself, refusing us answers, refusing us catharsis.

Also, if you wanna really get down to it, Black Christmas is the first real slasher film, and it's just as good as this film, if not better (I subjectively prefer it), but Halloween still packs a subtle and chilling punch all its own. Carpenter's music cues are flawless here, especially. And the mask was never more eerie than here. Undoubtedly an iconic film objectively, even if it's not nearly my favorite of Carpenter's work.

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