Tales for the Campfire 3

Tales for the Campfire 3 is the third and final installment of the trilogy from Dustin Ferguson/Dark Infinity. I haven’t seen the other two films, but if they’re like this then that’s probably a good thing. It’s also a depressing thing as after seeing and reviewing several of his films I know he’s capable of much better.

Running a mere forty-two minutes Tales for the Campfire 3 doesn’t even qualify as a feature film by most standards. Granted Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences recognizes anything over forty minutes as a feature, but this is no Oscar contender. What it is are five segments and a wraparound squeezed into under three-quarters of an hour. That’s seven minutes each so we’re talking short shorts.

Our storytellers, Ken (Ken May, 5G Zombies), Ronnie (Ronnie Angel, Axegrinder 2), Rebecah (Rebecah Rye, Night Mistress), Amber (Amber Jenna Bohac, House of Pain) and Shawn (Shawn C. Phillips, Bad Girls, Rise of the Mummy) gather around the fire. The stories they tell are:

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