Rattlers 2 ★★★½

Dustin Ferguson’s film Rattlers 2 is billed as a sequel to the 1976 film Rattlers. Probably best remembered now as probably the only PG-rated film the late exploitation producer Harry H. Novak (Wam Bam Thank You Spaceman, Please Don’t Eat My Mother!) was involved with. The plot revolved around a town that comes under attack from rattlesnakes exposed to an experimental nerve gas.

Now 45 years later people are turning up dead from snakebites. At first, it seems accidental, a photographer falling into a nest of the snakes. Then Jessica (Julie Anne Prescott, Final Caller, Axed 2 Pieces) and Mike (Eric Larsen, Serena Waits) are attacked while camping.

Sheriff Wilson (D.T. Carney, Tales from the Campfire 3, Axegrinder 2) immediately thinks of the original attacks which happened while his father was sheriff. Of course, the Davis Ridge area where the attack occurred is where Commissioner Lewis (Mel Novak, Black Belt Jones, An Hour to Kill) is about to break ground on a new recreation complex. And he has no plans of stopping work on that, despite what the Sheriff and herpetologist Dr. Kaye (Mercedes Peterson, Anna 2, A Life to Choose) tell him.

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