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  • Dinosaur Hotel

    Dinosaur Hotel

    Somewhere in present day England, Dinosaur Hotel, a new, underground gameshow is all the rage. It’s concept is very simple, a group of contestants are sent to a lavish old hotel and hunted by dinosaurs. Survive for twenty four hours and win a huge cash prize.

    Sienna (Chrissie Wunna, Dragon Fury) is desperate for money to support her and her two kids, Peter (Junior Thompson-Wunna) and Maddie (Ruby Wattis-Wunna) after she’s either been dumped or widowed. Desperate enough to apply…

  • Woe



    Writer/director Matthew Goodhue’s debut film Woe certainly opens on an intriguing note. An unkempt looking man, Charlie Dennistoun (Adam Halferty) walks out of the back door of an unkempt house surrounded by a swarm of flies and carrying what looks like a wrapped body. He proceeds to bury it as an old school phone rings incessantly. Can he keep our interest for the rest of the film though?

    Charlie has been holed up in his father’s house since the old…

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  • Captive



    Captive opens with Lily (Tori Kostic,Altergeist) and Neil (Jarius Carey, Beverly Hills Bandits) in the woods. Lily has a very noticeable bruise on her forehead. Given the film’s title (it was shot and played festivals as Katherine’s Lullaby)the first assumption is he is responsible. And this is only the first time this film will have you making false assumptions. As it turns out it was her stepfather, whom she’s running away from who gave her it and several others.


  • Dementia Part II

    Dementia Part II


    I’ve seen films that were made to make money, to deliver a message and even as art. But Dementia: Part II may be a first, it was made on a dare.

    "A film festival in Chicago called Cinepocalypse held their first annual event last November (2017), and they reserved a slot for an unmade feature-length film. In a nutshell, they challenged us and the producers at BoulderLight Pictures (Raphael and JD) to conceive, finance, shoot, and finish a feature film,…