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growing pains challenge // (9/65)

task 43 - watch moonlight or die (alternatively, an lgbt film with a main character who is a person of colour)

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i honestly cannot believe it's taken me this long to see this film. first of all, barry jenkins, sir, you are a genius! secondly, this film hit on a whole different level. this impacted me in a deeply emotional way. the entire runtime was enthralling, beautiful, raw, quiet, kinetic, tender, electric. i truly can't praise this film enough. oscar winner, we out here 😍 the acting was so amazing too. the cinematography, the score, the storyline. i never wanted this movie to end honestly. chiron, sweetie, you're too good for this world πŸ₯Ί this is also so so important as an LGBTQ+ movie. this is one of the only LGBTQ+ films i've seen that isn't whitewashed; it has the representation that is much needed in an infuriatingly white-based industry. barry jenkins is an exciting voice, and he is telling stories that so need to be told in a world that doesn't have enough diversity shown on screen. it's also so critical for men to see. the masculinity of this film is handled with the utmost care. it shows you the dynamics of what it is to be a man in the 21st century in a way i've never seen done before. the existence of this film is essential, imperative. moonlight is crucial. indispensable. it's everything. this film said, "it's okay to be you." i'm glad i finally had the push to watch this masterpiece <3 i already can't wait to rewatch this. oh.. did someone say write some poetry?

blue light
filtered sea glass
cuts the moonlight
crystal waves
reflect the moon bright
they glitter and spark
the slice leaves a mark
a smile so angelic
that it shines in the dark

his remark,
blood feels sharp.
cold in the veins;
rainbows hide away
looking for the moon beams
in the rain
melancholia in the brain
sepia seeps in through
the window pane
illuminates the sand,
beach air light on the
moving trainΒ 

shadows, like a mask
gallows, like a flask
drowning in the sorrow
like a question never asked.
fire melts the chrome
like the crowns on the dash
water laps at his toes
like the past that we rehash.
no deliverance in the facet.
we passed it,
the exit on the highway
road cries underneath us
like velvet on the byway
he's lookin my way,
i tremble as he stares
old memories haunt meΒ 
like the devil on the stairs
he cares,
he doesn't know how to show it
his eyes caress my face
like the ink flows from a poet
i know it,
i know what we shared.
no miles or planes of distance
could make me unaware
my mind often drifted
to the shoreline of our pair
i'll meet you on the breeze
we were carried on out there.

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