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  • Helter Skelter

    Helter Skelter


    "a word at the start: laughing sounds a lot like screaming."

    "there's a sound inside me. 'tick tock, tick tock,' it says. telling me to hurry. the sound inside me that says something will soon be over."

    "the most fascinating thing about stardom is that it's a kind of deformity, like cancer. [...] a fascinating face, in a state of collapse."

    "well, it's certainly convenient to be pretty.. but beauty is different from happiness."
    "pretty on the outside, but like…

  • Like Someone in Love

    Like Someone in Love


    "since you've been with him, all you do is suffer."

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    top 250 directors challenge // (2/254)
    director #39 - abbas kiarostami

    alphabet challenge // (12/130)

    milk in a glass in the microwave. ten things happening at once, but still, nothing is happening. but everything is happening. the phone rings, the intercom buzzes. there's a wound to treat, someone's screaming. you can't get to anything before another thing sounds the alarm of needing…

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  • Miao Miao

    Miao Miao


    "the longer we don't talk, the less there is to say." 

    "that way when they're old they'll have something beautiful to remember."

    "on my way here i saw that the stars are all out tonight. [...] look, aren't they beautiful?"
    "stars only twinkle when seen from earth."
    "why is that?"
    "without the wind moving high above, the stars would just be boring points of light."
    "so.. they are more beautiful if you see them from afar."

    yet another frustrating film…

  • Keiko



    aching for a meaningful connection, we find our main character keiko as lonely as can be. feeling invisible, she goes to and fro, from place to place, desperately and silently begging someone to *see* her; to pluck her from her invisible obscurity, and to make her existence matter. the film starts off this way (though very loquaciously), until finally, finally, it happens; she meets a woman who makes her feel extraordinary. the love of her life, you could say. but,…

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