I’m leaving you with a rather melancholy picture, but in the depths of my heart I’m happy.

Favorite films

  • Phase IV
  • Eden and After
  • Blue Black Permanent
  • Assa

Recent activity

  • Redline

  • Demon

  • All Quiet on the Western Front

  • Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash

Recent reviews

  • Serheldan


    نرقص للحب ونغني
    للوطن المفقود نغني
    ونشارك في حزن واحد
    لن يسرقه ظلم جاحد
    ونجوب الدنيا منتصرين
    في عرق الأرض منتشرين
    لن يبقى منهم أي بقاء
    وسنبقى طول الدهر سناء
    ونعود لأمجاد سبقت
    ونثور لأحلام لحقت
    فالدم مرتبط بعهود
    لأنهار الوطن المفقود

  • Love & Revenge

    Love & Revenge

    As a nomad, I find it all to be so relaxing, the repetitiveness of fears, the lingering thoughts of a monster looking over my shoulder ready to jump in at any moment to erase me and the consuming desire to look at myself from afar! The way to find such comfort is not the way of words, words here are as little as water, we perceive each other through images, me and the desert, both of us are shapeshifters, only when I surrender to its winds will it give me an identity.

Popular reviews

  • Maborosi



    What about the emptiness you left for me? Why didn't you take your absence with you?

    You grabbed my hand and I looked at you, you were there, fighting the tears. I looked away and you left, you weren't there, I cried. I woke up into an endless road surrounded by trees. I was scared but you weren't there. I yelled but you weren't there. I woke up again and here I am, looking out of the window to the…

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert


    I live in a remote area because of my job. An area that has nothing except for a huge factory and some small rooms for the employees. They call it a complex, I call it a cemetery.

    Every time I go into my room I feel the emptiness it feels. The small bed right beside the small couch and near the dirty window there is a four-legged green chair but one of the legs is broken so I don't use…