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  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Yojimbo
  • The Evil Dead
  • The Searchers

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  • Man in the Saddle


  • Santa Fe


  • The Nevadan


  • The Desperadoes


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  • Man in the Saddle

    Man in the Saddle


    Westerns are starting to get meaner. Randolph Scott is in love with a loathsome wench who dumps his ass for an even more loathesome rancher. A sociopathic henchman is also involved. Randolph Scott is finally pushed too far and gets his revenge.

    Also everyone just keels over. Maybe they were shot? No ketchup or red paint spotted.

  • Santa Fe

    Santa Fe

    This flick spends so much time spinning yarn around the New Deal American historiography that is forgets what to do with its characters. Randolph Scott is fine as always but he is an avatar for FDR's new man of progress towards that American ideal. There just isn't enough there.

    This is also a criminally pro-railroad movie that even whitewashes the fact that the railroad is rushing along because the government will grants them monopoly land rights. Wrapped around some silly…

Popular reviews

  • The Debt Collector

    The Debt Collector


    Man I was really liking this movie until the end. The movie is Scott Adkins punching people every 10 minutes or so and then we get to the 3rd act that just drags fucking ass until our two leads make a moral decision that leads to a totally lame final action set piece.

    Also fuck the artsy scenes with the cows.

  • Killer Force

    Killer Force

    Classic 70s action movie. Jazzy and funky score. O.J. is behaving like a goofball. Everyone is made of ketchup. The trucks, planes, helicopters and power substations are all hilariously explodable. Telly Savalas roaming the desert with an open chest leisure suit because he is Telly Savalas and he can do whatever he wants. Peter Fonda is the wise cracking, anti-authoritarian head of security in this heist movie that goes so wrong it quickly becomes a straight up action flick. Christopher…