Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★


Well, a lot has been said about Everything Everywhere All at Once in the last few months, and I missed the hype season enough to finally decide to watch it. And well... I think I like the ending more than the whole movie.

The story progresses at a very good speed, and the introduction of the concepts of the multiverse happens in a very dynamic and functional way, although I expected a little more from this part... I think it's pretty meh this whole Alphaverse thing, because it sounds unoriginal to me, and maybe that hit me negatively from the start. On the other hand, I loved the concept of "stealing" abilities from other universes through forced decisions that were completely unusual.

The action scenes are clearly very much inspired by the classic Kung Fu movies that we grew up seeing at a glance or being made fun of by other American films, with unreal blows and even more unreal reactions. All this shit didn't please me much either, because I'm a very boring person (and even hypocritical, since Kill Bill also has a lot of these influences and I love it), but over time I got used to the whole idea. Despite all this, I still think the script forces a lot of humor that at least for me doesn't work, with all that action passage where the objective is to prevent one of those guys from sticking a thing up his ass (and even the fight with that shit inside their butts).

The editing of this movie is the craziest and most random I can remember seeing in my entire life. I was actually surprised by the editing countless times while watching. Changing scenarios that become more and more frequent as the madness increases, the creativity in subverting languages ​​to take a breather and even deceive the viewer (like when everything is broadcast on a movie screen) and it's ability to fit perfectly all this in the action scenes.

The initial antagonists of the project didn't captivate me even for a second, Stephanie Hsu left a lot to be desired in this part. You don't fear for her presence at any moment, even in the first scenes they make you lose that feeling of distress with her presence when she is "defeated" by the old man in a simple wheelchair (ok, at high speed, but even so). Michelle Yeoh and Ke Huy Quan on the other hand swallow the whole movie for themselves. There are very few sci-fi films that enchant me in individual performances the way they enchanted me.

And finally... what a resolution, huh? All the paths and the whole acceptance process coming from both mother and daughter... it's impossible not to have Turning Red coming to mind when this dynamic is brought up again. Once again with the SHINING editing, they make everything much more emotional than it already would be, closing an arc of evolution of Evelyn in an almost perfect way, being very touching and understandable.

I was very inclined to find this film overrated, but I can understand the appeal, although I would NEVER agree with this 4.5 score, I really consider it an excellent film and an excellent experience.

Everything Everywhere All at Once is a journey full of heart, insanity and visual content.

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