Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory ★★★★

Well loved by many, and for many a good reason. It's great for kids while also teaching a little bit about the dangers of the world outside. Not all is safe, but it can be good. 

frankly i think if Roald Dahl had loosened up a bit he would have liked it. 

It's got a lot of mixed messages though like it is not healthy to set up 5 kids for failure and deceit and not tell them fully what's going on. It's why those little videos where parents say to their kids "hey here's a marshmallow and I'm gonna leave but if I come back and you haven't eaten it you can have another one as well" don't really sit well with me. Like I get it they're kind of funny to watch butthey're also a little like , I kinda feel bad for enjoying this. 

That's sort of how Willy Wonka is and it's also the kind of thing that Roald Dahl would have liked if he wasn't so focused on being as British as he was. Uptight sons of bitches. 

Gene Wilder could scream and holler hilariously like no one before or since. 

Grandpa Joe is a cruddy sidewinder of a character and he slouched in bed for like twenty years while his family slaved. Then he up and hops out. Really scummy guy and I hate him with my life