RRR ★★★★½

"There is no more running away. Now it is time to make you run."

Oh fuck! three hours of unadulterated fun! The suspenders dance scene alone is worth the whole thing in my opinion, but there are probably like four sequences better than that one! I've got nothing but good to say about this movie, it is the sort of the thing that you rave about to your friends you best believe I'll be raving to mine! You should watch it and rave to yours. It's insane that Alison Doody (Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) is in this, and that she looks like the way she does. 

"Bheem! How long do we hunt these jackals? Let's hunt down the lion!"

Lots of catharsis, if you hate authority you'll dig this. It's a remarkable part of the film, just how defiant it is - the British Empire eats shit and lead and fists and tigers and bears oh my for three hours! What's not to love! A ringing endorsement from yours truly! Great music, some of the coolest bow action since Legolas slid down the Mûmakil in Return of the King, and lots of CGI animals ripping out throats. Badass lines too. This shit rocks

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