Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl ★★★½

Hell yeah. 5 years, or several years after first seeing it in 2004 on DVD, I have to conclude that this is amazing. Creepy maybe for me in 2004, I was born in 1991 after all do the math, and I had to love it then. Hilarious stuff. 

Years after having loved this as a kid, I met Isaac, the bosun from this, in a Bible study while I was making it my way in LA, to have a career in this city. And I made it. And he was in a Bible study and my friend Caleb introduced us. Amazing stuff. To love this as a kid, and meet someone in it years later as an adult, forging his way through Hollywood as a kid. I love you all who are reading this. Anyone who reads it, I love you as I do a long lost friend. I miss you. 

Pirates of the Caribbean Man. Old Walt Disney himself. He knew how to unite white folks, and they produced that shit as a company.

I would swear that years ago, I changed the saturation of this in my portable DVD player, and somehow it's accompanied every version of this movie that I've watched. There are some dark scenes in this that are very high in saturation I feel, and I think I messed it up somehow. Weird. Strange. Amazing stuff really. Nonheroes amongst. Thieves eh.

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