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This review may contain spoilers.

“When you’re cold, you start a fire.” 

i was not expecting to find this film as relatable as i did. it’s definitely more complicated than i’ll explain it, but i haven’t quite seen depictions of self-harm and mental health in general like it’s shown in this film. just honestly really like sadly relatable to see binge eating and just eating issues be addressed, even if that is wrapped in a much more complicated analysis on how grief and depression can affect someone. i’ve deeply struggled with eating issues, mainly binge eating, ever since i was five years old. so it’s just really surreal to see a film this major address a topic like that. i understand it’s rooted in its exploration of grief, and eating issues is a symptom of depression. but idk, like the film just gets it. it understands how those issues affect people, and how uncomfortable it makes us in our surroundings. there’s a scene that takes places in the kitchen on the dawn of Christmas that just really struck me. i have literally been in that situation so many times before, and it’s honestly really well-done how the filmmakers went about it. it’s a really sensitive issue, and i appreciate how this film explored it. i just found so many moments in this films so relatable. it understands how outside forces can affect our inner dialogues, and how that just changes everything really well. sure, there’s some imagery and dialogue that is a bit on the nose. but this film is about a tragedy and you feel that. 

the film is overall very good, and Kristen Stewart is so great. also the score by Jonny Greenwood!!! he delivers every single time. i love how it feels so classical and atmospheric, to then the free moving and frantic jazz energy. it works so well, and is pretty bold.

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