Don't Worry Darling

Don't Worry Darling ★½

It seriously upsets me the masses are going to see this and think it's good bc they don't see good movies that are "artsy"

The most heavy-handed film l've ever seen with an endlessly self-absorbed message from a person, obviously narcissistic

And it's not just the theme and the story that are abysmal with another thing of note being the absolutely horrendous, directorial decisions, cinematography, and all around sound. THE FUCKING MILLION LENS FLARES

And Harry, please stick to music I don't even like you that much as an artist, but for your own career don't act anymore. An extremely one note performance with absolutely zero nuance. One level the entire time

One of the worst executed twists ever? This movie thinks it's so much smarter then it even can dream to be. Inspired by filmmakers much more apt and it feels amateur in every way, with a high budget

Miss Flo deserved SO much better :(

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