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  • Wendy



    After THE NEW WORLD, this was the 2nd movie I watched today with luscious scenery, intimate close-ups, and whispery voiceover. Plot-wise, it doesn't quite hold up, but it's definitely intriguingly made, and I like the way it leans into the menace/ominousness of the Peter Pan tale.

  • The New World

    The New World


    As with all the Malick I've seen, this is a really beautiful depiction of the natural beauty of the world.

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  • Emma



    Jonny Lee Miller is such a lovely, gentle Knightly. And Knightly such a subversive feminist. Arguing with Emma as his equal and moving in with her and her father in service to them both. What a gem.

  • Cross Country Christmas

    Cross Country Christmas


    Round 2. Made my family watch with me this time. Still enjoyable with some laugh-out-loud moments thanks to Rachael Leigh Cook's deadpan line delivery.

    Meanwhile, the Christmas caroling scene remains truly cringey.