Knives Out

Knives Out ★★

What made me watch this movie was the fact that Rian Johnson was inspired in Agatha Christie's fiction. As a huge Christie's fan, I gave it a try.

I don't even know if I watched the same movie all these die-hard fans did. I saw zero character development. Zero useful or remarkable dialogues. A very, very dull and predictable plot that falls flat in the end. All the characters are just puppets designed to perform their actions. You actually don't know them properly, and you never will. The only thing Rian Johnson allows you to know about the characters comes from the multiple tedious dialogues they have while sitting in this old Victorian-style home.

And there too many explanatory dialogues. Way too many. The ending is self-explanatory as well, which is just as disappointing. If you rely on multiple dialogues to tell you story, chances are your movie will be insufferably dull and superficial - this one is no exception. Edition and soundtrack just make everything look corny instead of looking fun. The comical moments didn't work either. It may be a parody, it looks more like Rian Johnson making fun of himself.

Some say "Knives Out" has a political background and shows criticism against the immigration policies adopted in the Trump administration. I honestly don't think writing a character that mentions the topic equals criticizing the issue. If the aim of this movie was to make social criticism, it failed.

Regarding the acting, Daniel Craig is not convincing as the French-named with a horribly fake Southern accent Benoit Blanc. He probably is the worst actor in the ensemble and a bad casting choice in my opinion. He doesn't fit the character, and the character was ruined by him. Ana de Armas exudes zero carisma or presence on screen. And I'm sorry to see Jamie Lee Curtis, Michael Shannon and Toni Collette wasted in such a mediocre movie. Kudos to Christopher Plummer for giving us a glimpse of his enormous talent, even having a tiny role in a huge disaster. He's the only pleasant part of this mess.

Rian Johnson is no Agatha Christie.

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