Finch ★★★★

Apocalypse movies are such a common sub-genre nowadays that new installments usually just end up getting lost in the pile, but this movie manages to stand out from the others by not just focusing on the apocalypse, but instead making it a character study for Tom Hanks' Finch. Of course, Tom Hanks gives a great performance in the movie and because he's the only human we see in the movie's main timeline, you get attached to the character in a way that I've never quite seen in a movie before. You also have the robot, Jeff, and he is delightful. He's cute and likeable but also sympathetic and compelling. The movie even finds a great way to use the dog by making him such an important part of Finch's character. The movie also looks amazing, one look at any shot from this movie will give you the apocalyptic feeling that it's going for, and the way they brought Jeff to life in this movie works great and he looks so realistic. If you prefer fast paced, action heavy apocalypse movies, you will not be a fan of this movie, but if you like heartfelt character studies, this one is definitely worth a watch.

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