Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★

When I first watched this trilogy I went into this film skeptical, I was not sure how it would manage to give a satisfying conclusion to this film series while taking place over 300 years before both of the other films, but the way it wraps things up is done actually really well. Now, when the film is spending time in 1666, it’s pretty much just a lot of exposition, it wasn’t unenjoyable exposition and there are even some answers given that I thought were really cool, but I never found any of it as compelling as what was going on in 1994. Also, because the film has such a different tone in the 1666 portion of the film, when it jumps back to the present (by which I mean 1994) it feels like a really drastic shift and like the two don’t work as a part of the same film. But because this is only the first half of the film, you’re able to forget about it fairly quickly as you get to Fear Street 1994: Part 2 which is filled with nonstop payoff, and it all leads to an ending that, if you’ve gotten as invested in this trilogy as I did, will put a huge smile on your face as it is such a satisfying send off to these characters. The last 45 minutes of this film are so incredible that I can easily forgive its mediocre first half, this was a great way to end this surprisingly fantastic Netflix original horror series.

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