Logan ★★★★

I used to love special effects, in fact the more special effects a film had the more eager I was to see it. Knowing that, it's no surprise I used to love the Marvel superhero films. Especially the X-Men franchise. However, in the last few years I grew tired of action and walked out disappointed a few times.

Not this time. For a start, I can't believe the UK has released this with a 15 rating. I'm over 30 and thought I was too young to see this film. Heads roll quite literally for about 95% of the run time and you'd think watching Wolverine shred people to pieces with his claws would get old, but it really doesn't.

It's dark, it's gritty, it's the film that Logan deserves. Holy shit was more or less what I said upon exiting the cinema and it more or less sums up the entire film. Highly recommended.

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