The Kid

The Kid ★★★★½

This is Fabulous!!
A woman that just had a child, is apparently not in conditions to take care of that child, after possibly the father of the kid don't wanting to assume or after fighting with the woman, after that she decides to let her kid in a car that was parked, intending to give him away with a note. After a sequence of actions, the kid end up in a alley where the tramp finds him, and raise him. Directed, written, produced and music by Charlie Chaplin.
This is the first full-length film made by Chaplin, the first with a box office, so definely a big step in his career after years making short films and also one of the first to mix comedy with drama, at that time was mostly common to do only a full comedy or only a full dramatic film, in this one he did blend it both into something different. Considering that the movie have way more time than all the ones that came before it, you can easily notices how calmly things happens in here, how much Chaplin give us to feel the place, to feel the atmosphere of that place, considering, obviously, that this is from 1921, i think it is really good in this aspect, the mis-en-scene in his house for example, i think that it helps a lot for us to get inside of that story. One very important thing about this movie, is that we actually care for both main characters, we actually cheer for them to get well together and survive in peace. It is a nice thing that we can see they both working together in something or the Tramp taking care of the boy, and really wanting his safe and his good, the simplicity that the tramp can take care of the boy, and how much effort he puts in it, is really a thing that can warm our hearts, like moments that you see where him invented one thing just to make the boy feel more important and help, or the other moment where he puts more food in the kid's dish than in his own, and that makes the next moments be so unconfortable to watch, and so sad that it is probably one of the most emotional moments in his career.
The adventure that the boy go through with the tramp, are everything, there are co-working sequences in some moments and all of them worked really well, can be emotional moments, comedy moments, it all worked.
The comedy overall is really nice, it isn't a thing that you will cachinnate, but it will have a lot of smiles and little laughs that are so enjoyable to go along that it is irresistible.
The film definely have a discussion about childhood abandon, because you see that quicly the mother regrets of what she have done. Or in the moment where the old officer look at the kid and do a face of something is wrong, because it really is. The fatherhood that it is shown in here it is so sincere and beautiful that it can make us relate even in today or in any day.
The only thing that i really don't know how to feel about is that dream sequence scene, i can kind of get what he meant by that, but i'm not so sure if that is well putted, i don't think that it was well fitted their.
Charlie Chaplin acting is always on point, in here it ain't no different, he is perfect, he can be so funny in some moments, so as in others show a level of concern together with despair, i completely believed that hed considered that kid his son and that he would do anything for him, it is a truly delight his acting simplicity and greatness. The kid, wich is portrayed by Jackie Coogan is fantastic, giving a lot of personality to him, he did a wonderful little boy that everybody liked, he could be funny, vulnerable, and also give some really heartbreaking moments to this film, he did a fantastic job. Edna Purviance also had a very important job, wich she did it very well, she could totally pass me the idea of regret, desesperation and helplessness, only by her look i could tell in some scenes how friendlyless she was, i think that she was great in moments of sadness and then happiness in this movie.
This film is very emotional, it does have very comedy so as dramatic moments that worked perfectly, a relationship between father and son that isn't common to see in this way in any other film, very important social discussions and really beautiful moments, for sure a must watch made by Chaplin.

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