Vinegar Syndrome Staff on Six-String Samurai

We're excited to finally reveal our second VSU release: Lance Mungia's late 90s iconic midnight movie/video store classic, SIX-STRING SAMURAI! This loaded Limited Edition 4k UHD/BD box includes a brand new, extended making-of documentary featuring new interviews with cast and crew and is housed in our gorgeous deluxe VSU case with incredible custom artwork by Tom Hodge of The Dude Designs. The case includes a 40-page book with essays by the director and a custom slipcover designed by Richard Hilliard.

Home Grown Horrors - Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Trailer

Throughout the 1980s and 90s, independent and first time filmmakers across the United States saw new opportunities to create work in the horror genre. Often integrating the flavor and color of their inner-America locales into their work, they created films that, while inspired by mainstream trends, are about as far from Hollywood as one can get. Collected here are three diverse films, all produced in the late 1980s, providing a fascinating and entertaining glimpse into the forgotten world of Home…

Rush Week - Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo Trailer

Toni Daniels is an ambitious young journalist working for her college newspaper. Tired of covering the same boring stories as her peers, Toni becomes intrigued by the recent disappearances of several female students and believes that they may be linked to an on-campus murder that happened the previous year during the college's raucous Rush Week. Despite being certain that something terrible has been happening on campus, no one she talks to is willing to admit that the disappearances are cause…

Last Gasp - Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo Trailer

Leslie Chase will do anything it takes to push through his mega real estate development, even if it includes arranging the massacre of a Mexican native tribe to clear a patch of land. But no bad deed goes unpunished as, after murdering the tribe's chief in cold blood, Leslie's body and mind are taken over by the chief's vengeful spirit. Forced into committing a series of heinous murders Leslie's life is thrown into greater peril when a private detective, who…

Death Promise - Vinegar Syndrome Blu-ray Promo trailer

The residents of a dilapidated New York tenement building are being harassed and threatened by Iguana Realty, the dummy corporation which owns the land, in an effort to force them out of their homes. But when karate master Charley’s father is murdered by a group of thugs hired by the landlords, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Enlisting the help of his best friend, fellow fighter Speedy, and driven by a desire for vengeance, they soon develop…

Liked reviews

Like a really good episode of Tales From The Darkside, only with more nudity and gore thrown in. Plus the monster from The Abomination. Exploding blood balloon, exploding lightbulb, maniac janitor with no hands. Super impressive (the director was only 26) and definitely worth watching. If you ever find this movie, buy it immediately! <3

Absolutely delightful regional early effort from Jay Woelfel that was filmed right here in Columbus! The budget is minuscule and the whole concept is almost too bold for the budget involved, but somehow Woelfel pulls it off and you get a beautifully surreal nonsensical dreamscape of a movie with things there one second and gone the next and monsters creeping in and out of frames. Some of the scenes are filmed inside OSU buildings and it works really well. Ever…

Fatal Exam

Fatal Exam


Pure murderdrone* material, a supernatural slasher about the folds of time and the representation of violence that transcends its amateur condition to become something unique, between Alain Robbe-Grillet and Atom Egoyan. The plot, the awfully strange edit and a brilliant group of inert actors achieve absolutely experimental moments, if one makes an effort to interpret the keys. Actors reading a script of the crimes of the past in empty white rooms, a dollhouse that predates Hereditary, video-cameras capturing ghosts looking…

Moldy, mulchy Newbury, Mass 8mm horror. Should be called Autumnbeast as the shooting schedule clearly predated any actual accumulation; the winter coats, ski lodges and howling wind foley ain't fooling anybody. Extremely thoughtless in its depiction of tribal lore, no big surprise ofc. Amazing stop-motion creature effects throughout, like if the end of Evil Dead were just the whole movie. Takes a turn for the truly abject when the lodge magnate puts on a clown mask and waltzes around with a rotting corpse to royalty free old-timey records in his bedroom.

I'm still uncertain as to why this is called Winterbeast, when it was clearly fall/Halloween with pumpkins and orange, plastic jack-o-lanterns scattered about.

On the DVD cover it clearly reads, "It must be seen to be believed." They aren't joking; there's totem poles coming to life and killing people (by coming to life, I mean in stop-motion-animation), a super dramatic and over-the-top lodge owner who I adored (as he screamed most of his lines in an unnecessary/pissed off demeanor), some…

Heavy Trip

Heavy Trip


I forgot that this is the only movie that matters




I saw this tonight at New Beverly Cinema and Joe Dante interviewed Bruce Dern after.

Honestly I've been all emo lately, having a birthday and being an Uber driver and dying alone is sometimes not so easy to breathe through. Especially when I feel I have worked so hard, have so much to offer, and it's all just being wasted because no one sees me. Which is how all the girls feel in this film, they're dancing their hearts out,…




A goddamn 70s film in all the right ways, as opposed to the “modern” filmmakers like Scorsese, Coppola, et al. That is not to say Ritchie is better than them, but there’s something really wonderful about this film as specifically a time capsule, in both the narrative (somewhat misogynist but lovingly so) and its aesthetics (over-exposed and under-lit frames). At the screening at MoMA in November, Bruce Dern (completely ignoring the moderator’s questions and just telling stories from the set…