Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★½

Truly an epic, every minute of the 207 runtime feels absolutely deserved. The story is simple on its surface but layered with complex drama that doesn't feel forced or even written - it just is, as life should be. This film is incredibly emotional and dramatic, but most of all, it's incredibly human.

For me, the editing was one of the key standouts of this film, and also the sound editing and mixing. This must have been quite an experience for an audience member in 1954. The cinematography is great, and all the acting is delivered with the utmost sincerity, creating a passionate and realistic portrayal of these seven samurai and the unworthy farmers they swear to protect. I really enjoyed the score, and found it interesting that it seemed very western in some moments, especially with its heavy use of brass instruments. I really loved the meditative and patient use of silence, particularly when showing the many slow, thoughtful reactions. In some particular moments, I actually felt this movie could have been the inspiration for the pacing of Blade Runner.

My sole issue might be, that with seven "heroes" and many side characters, each with their own dedicated personalities and relationships, it becomes a little challenging, and maybe even overwhelming, to keep up with everyone. But, assuredly, this won't be a problem for future rewatches. To its credit, I was blown away by how elegantly, and how naturally, all the storylines intersect and climax together. Once again, this is film that doesn't feel written, it just is.


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