Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★

-"We also put a man on the moon."
-"No kidding! What did they do? Just leave him out there? What’s he eating?"

Spectacularly superstylized, this is now THE King Kong movie for me. Holy shit. The direction is incredible. The whole movie feels cohesive, simply oozing with personality. The cinematography (GOD BLESS LARRY FONG), score, soundtrack, sound design, editing, CGI, everything is so wild and fun and pulpy. Kong himself feels like a giant, living, breathing, real gorilla actor they had on set. This whole movie is just so, so good.

The story is filled with tons of amazing inversions of classic Kong moments, but the script is rough. The dialogue and characters are weak, although it's totally passable with the great cast. Sometimes the movie actually feels a little overdirected, especially with the incessant needle drops and occasionally hectic editing. Still, nearly always, the direction just works and the movie is pure enjoyment. This is amazing. This is how you do it. Great film.

PS. BRIE LARSON IS SO CHARISMATIC, GODDAMN (where was this in captain marvel??)

PPS. Best Larry Fong movie?

PPPS. I appreciated the Est. 1932 Easter egg, plus all the Heart of Darkness references

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