I Care a Lot

I Care a Lot ★★★

A stealthy Rosamund Pike elevates this chaotic, toothless mess of a film by J Blakeson in I Care A Lot. The film follows a fraudulent legal guardian who abuses and profits out of her elderly clients. For starters, Blakeson’s integral thesis of elder abuse and fraudulent conservatorship is idealized, but quite insufficient and muddled in making a purposeful statement. As the film progresses, Blakeson’s script becomes more and more preposterous as the characters seemed to be enacting behaviors that are incongruent from reality and from what they have been doing in the first act. Yet with all of my reservations, Rosamund Pike devours the screen with her intellect, and ferocity that her kinetic performance takes us on a ride of a lifetime.

The ensemble cast is very good. Pike, who is becoming one of my favorite actresses, brings a different kind of intelligence, ruthlessness, and command in a similar way she brought from her breakthrough in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. Eiza Gonzales is charming as Chris Messina and Peter Dinklage in significant supporting roles. Dianne Wiest, a two-time Oscar winner, also deserves a shout-out for her brilliant, acidic line deliveries in the film. Overall, I Care A Lot goes for the style and cheap thrills and that’s ok (if that’s the director’s purpose). However, the film itself is a missed target. I wished it went deeper and be more truthful in regards to the abuse that serves as its device.

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