Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

Delightful in its silliness and pettiness, actress-director Halina Reijn sophomore feature Bodies Bodies Bodies is an all-out fun and gore fest. The film follows a group of Gen Z somethings who decides to play a murder mystery game. As the night progresses, the harmless game turns to a deadly outcome when one of them dies mysteriously. The film is almost nihilistic in its characterization, but Bodies is engrossing in its display of artifice among interpersonal relationships and social media influence. More so, the focus on female agency is at the very heart of Reijn’s narrative which I love.

The performances are genuinely entertaining. Maria Bakalova (impressive), Amandla Stenberg, Lee Pace, Pete Davidson round out the cast, but its Rachel Sennott who becomes the most memorably unhinged character among them. Sennott acts the hell out of this movie. She’s makes the most out of her character with such contradicting qualities, hilarity and charisma. Even her line deliveries are comic gold.

Overall, Bodies Bodies Bodies is fun despite the silliness and insubstantial quality of its story. Reijn demonstrates her fierce command of the camera and insightful characterizations as shown previously in her daring feature debut Instinct and with Bodies, she’s even more promising to what more she can do in the future.

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