Zodiac ★★★★

This film left me dumbfounded. I am intrigued by the story yet confused at the same time.

Zodiac is my fourth David Fincher film. I already mentioned in my reviews that I'm a sucker for crime thriller movies so I couldn't really miss this one.

Zodiac is based on true events regarding the "Zodiac killer" and according to my research, some say that it is pretty accurate. I haven't read the book that Robert Graysmith wrote and I don't really have the slightest idea on the real zodiac killing investigations so I'm not really in the position to question the realism of the story.

As I've mentioned, the plot is interesting. It is packed with suspense, violence and every other aspects of a crime movie that you could ever hope for. The pacing seems a bit slow sometimes since it is full of investigation and interrogation sequences. Sure, it makes sense since it is a crime movie after all, but it really goes boring when there's too much of it. Maybe the 2 hour and 47 minutes runtime is just taunting me. Another issue is that I have a hard time keeping track of minor characters and I was like confused every time they mention a different character aside from the three main characters. Jake Gyllenhaal and Robert Downey Jr are amazing, especially Mark Ruffalo (give this man his animal crackers). I'm looking forward to more films by Mark himself.

Overall, a great movie. I enjoyed it. Even though I watched like the first hour at night then finished it the next day cause I'm so sleepy. Also, its a shame that this wasn't even nominated in any Academy Award category. More David Fincher movies incoming soon.

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