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  • Splice



    Some really interesting ideas here, I loved the physical performance that Delphine Chanaéc gives as Dren but it devolves into typical horror/creature feature stuff by the climax & I felt like the characters were underwritten so the logical leaps the characters take for the plot to set in motion doesn't quite feel as grounded as it should be. I think we needed more time to understand Clive & Elsa's motivations - they needed to be operating in a grey, somewhat immoral area…

  • The Batwoman

    The Batwoman

    It's perfect exactly how it is and defies any rating I might give it.

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  • Red Snow

    Red Snow

    Disclaimer: Am a coworker with someone who worked on this production, hence the lack of star rating here.

    This was a lot of fun! I can tell Red Snow is a labor of love from the cast & crew, both a deconstruction of vampire lore and a genuinely engaging homage to the horror genre, though this one leans more on comedy than scares.

    The director does a great job of juxtaposing visuals in such a way to elicit a reaction from…

  • The Honeymoon Phase

    The Honeymoon Phase


    Saw at SF Indiefest.

    I’m a sucker for a high-concept film & The Honeymoon Phase has a fun one— tracking a financially desperate couple in a heavily guarded & monitored environment through their “honeymoon phase” & seeing how the relationship implodes in isolation.

    I believe the actors do a fine job in their roles, especially as the characters descend into madness. The production design, especially for a film of this caliber, is all-around great— crafting a world that’s unlike the one we currently…