Jason Bourne

Jason Bourne ★★★★

I'm actually quite surprised at the lukewarm reviews for this film. I certainly agree that this film can't quite live up to the incredibly high expectations set by the original trilogy, yet I believe it stands above many of the very poor to average action thriller films that typically flood theaters year to year. 

This film stands strong on its own merit within the Bourne formula by continuing to provide fans with the always riveting character of Jason Bourne, some spectacular and mind-blowing car chases, well choreographed hand-to-hand fight sequences, practical effects that keep the film grounded within realism, visceral and rapid editing with multiple camera angles that keeps the film's pace very brisk, and the addition of two new characters in Vikander and Jones. 

The reason I do agree with some critics with the fact that it's not nearly as good as the first three has to do with the story: A) there is a subplot revolving around a new social media platform that could've been eliminated from about 10-12 minutes of this film and it would've tightened the film up without losing anything, B) I didn't feel like the dialogue was quite as engaging or as tightly wound as it was in the previous installments, at times it felt sloppy, with unnecessary lines, and C) the story just felt flat out less compelling. 

This film was an absolute blast that I would definitely recommend seeing in theaters, and I wouldn't hesitate to see again. BUT, it didn't seem to have quite the lasting effect as the first three due to a slightly less than spectacular screenplay.