The Little Things

The Little Things ★★★½

Pretty Good

With a cast like this, best believe I was hyped… that is until I saw the poor critical reception the film was getting. Still, it’s Denzel, so I went in hopeful and while it didn’t deliver on my previously high expectations, it’s not a bad thriller and I quite liked it for the most part!

The main highlight, as expected, was the cast. Denzel’s performance doesn’t pop as much as his best work but he still delivers in a more reserved and mysterious role. Jared Leto does a great job as usual in bringing a genuinely unsettling character to the screen and the cat and mouse game between him and Denzel was entertaining to watch. However, Rami Malek seemed to be miscast as the new bigshot detective and I had a hard time buying into his character.

The film was competently directed, but the story itself attempts to do what many other crime thrillers before it have done better. It’s suspenseful and had enough twists to keep me intrigued until the end, but the reveals felt anticlimactic. I understand the attempt to elevate the material by adding some ambiguity to the mix but the film really isn’t as clever as it wants you to think.

On the whole, I had a decent time with this movie once I tempered my expectations. It’s no Zodiac, but it’s a tier better than an episode of Criminal Minds.

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