Ratatouille ★★★★★

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Brad Bird has always been one of my favorite directors. I love all of his films, I even like Tomorrowland for what it is, but for me Ratatouille is his true masterpiece.

Of course, in true Pixar fashion, the animation is terrific and the humor works well for both children and adults. Everything from the beautiful visuals to the fantastic score serve to perfectly capture the spirit of Paris. The attention to detail given to the various foods and their preparation in a perfect portrayal of a restaurant kitchen is simply amazing. The concept of the movie is also completely original and the characters are very likable and/or memorable. Anton Ego’s flashback scene is one of my favorite moments in movie history and the emotions hit just as hard every time I watch it.

The film’s message is one that can resonate with anyone, especially artists, and Ego’s final monologue really brings it all home in one of the most poignant endings I’ve ever seen. When the last shot comes in and Le Festin is playing in the background, I get goosebumps and can’t help but smile and well up with joy. There is no other film that gives me that feeling of pure bliss; not only is Ratatouille my favorite Pixar film, it’s arguably my favorite film of all time.

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