Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

Great -> 2019 Ranking (#11/133) & 2020 Ranking (#4/62)

This was such a beautiful work of art in every way imaginable. The romance here feels so natural and progresses in such a realistic fashion, which is a testament to Celine Sciamma’s excellent script and direction as well as Noemie and Adele’s amazing performances and irresistible chemistry. The entire film is a feast for the eyes, everything from the cinematography and the paintings to the costume designs and the actresses themselves, I just couldn’t look away the entire time. The story itself is definitely a slow burn and while it did test my patience early on, it’s more than worth it once things pick up and you become wholly invested in these characters and their bond. Celine wraps everything up expertly in the end and the audience is left with three equally impactful endings that stick with you long after the credits roll. I haven’t seen Les Miserables yet, but it must be pretty damn amazing if France submitted it over this stunning piece of cinema.

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