M3GAN ★★★½

In a way, this felt like a modernized version of Child's Play, as it depicts the benefits and possible pitfalls of artificial intelligence. M3gan has been made to look cool and occasionally creepy with her movements and voice. That aspect is clearly a high point of this film. Amie Donald and Jenna Davis deserve some praise for that. Allison Williams as Gemma & Violet McGraw as Cady work well enough on screen, even if their chemistry don't exactly blow the roof off.

I like the story and suspense (and the occasional humor) but the real negative for me is at times this feels like it's aimed at teenagers, hence the reason why it probably never really lets loose when it should. Kill scenes really suffer because of this fact, I think. I do enjoy them but a bloodier feel would've suited this better.

Solid stuff here with Amie Donald as Megan carrying things.

2023 𝓗𝓸𝓻𝓻𝓸𝓻

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