Lightyear ★★★

such a visually beautiful film but wasted potential. although it's 1hr 40 minutes long. this movie feels extremely rushed (I know that Disney likes to keep its film around the 1hr 30mins mark because apparently, that's how long a child can give their attention to a movie). there are a lot of moving parts, lots of characters coming and going and some of these characters are completely insignificant to the storyline. additionally, the villain reveal was so anti-climatic.
I hope that Disney someday grows some brain cells and realizes that no 9-year-old is watching this movie and understanding any of it so it's of no use to target pre-teens and children basically. make a film that doesn't feel rushed, isn't disgustingly cheesy, and just lets the viewers chill with the storyline. this was an incredibly interesting story but awful execution.
I didn't expect to love this film but I am definitely disappointed. I am writing this review and trying to remember the whole movie, but I can't. That's the kind of movie Lightyear is, forgettable.

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