Seventh ★★★★

Well. Damn. I mean... damn!

Not gonna lie. This is absolutely honest. I was expecting to not like it as much. So I went in with the lowest expectations. And I’m glad to say I came out really liking it. 

Just made it better that I got to watch it at their private screening at Glenwood Square’s Media works theater, with a group of people who support the creators. 

Granted the product, it’s obviously with it’s various flaws, that they even talked about afterwards with their Q&A, which means they’re open to all criticism because nobody’s safe from that, and to see what they should’ve done better. But the story will definitely take its toll, and stray far from what made the flaws there in the first place. 

So yeah, whenever it’s out on YouTube, I’ll definitely have to give a rewatch, and then give it a full review. But for now, I’m putting it at an honest, first impression.


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