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  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Wes Anderson's Tenet.

  • Derren Brown: Miracle

    Derren Brown: Miracle


    Setups are too long, pay offs almost non-existent. Brown insists there are no stooges in the audience, which is probably the best trick he ever pulled. A 3rd rate magic show wrapped in a 2nd rate charlatan's yarn about faith which all leads up to... some sappy Hollywood ending about the "miracle of our individuality"? 

    At this point I think Derren Brown's real magic is making me click on his shows on Netflix,  not once but twice!! (I watched The Push)

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  • Encino Man

    Encino Man


    This is a cinematic work of art. I hope Brendan Fraser will get an Oscar  for The Whale, but we all know it will be in homage to his performance in Encino Man.

    I'm joking but I'm not joking, because  the man expertly navigates the line between goofy and sad, earnest and winking at the camera. His performance is perfectly tuned to the movie

  • The Big Blue

    The Big Blue


    The story of two dudes with questionable capillary strength but extreme pulmonary endurance.

    Jean Marc Barr is basically playing an Alex Honnold of the deep, while Jean Reno is his usual badass self with a bon vivant belly

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  • Bullet Train

    Bullet Train


    I am Brad's complete lack of luck

    A fun action movie full of double and triple crosses, with a colorful ensemble of assassins  aboard a bullet train to Kyoto. Though the title seems to be a double entendre, guns and bullets are refreshingly spare in this movie, where Brad Pitt's character uses everything but firearms to get out of sticky situations.

    Instead, its brand of action  is much more rooted in causality and ridiculously contrived butterfly effects, to some comedic effect. 

    Aaron Taylor Johnson and Bryan Tyree Henry come out as MVP's

  • Animals



    Animals, directed by Nabil Ben Yadir, premiered at the Ghent Film Festival this year and was in competition at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. Based on the true story of a young gay muslim man who suffered a brutal attack in 2012, Ihsane Jarfi, it is an unrelentingly violent chronicle of Belgium's first official homophobic murder, and it is sure to shock viewers with its intense realism when it is released.

    Animals begins with a gentle touch and enough…