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Young French Cinema 🇫🇷

Get ready to be swept up by the winds of change reinvigorating French cinema. In this program, a new crop of rising talent is the centre of attention, with extraordinary performances by César Award-winning actresses Déborah Lukumuena (Robust, The Braves) and Lyna Khoudri (Gagarine), as well as impressive newcomers – actor Thimotée Robart (Magnetic Beats) and writer/director Luàna Bajrami (The Hill Where Lionesses Roar). Although older than most of the characters depicted in the program, fifty-something Michel (François Créton), the protagonist of The Heroics, is maybe the most childish of all.

The ordinary young women and men in these six films are strangers to the wealthy neighbourhoods of Paris that bourgeois French cinema loves to show. They share a communicative…

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  • Gagarine
  • Magnetic Beats
  • Robust
  • The Braves
  • The Heroics
  • The Hill Where Lionesses Roar