• Reno and the Doc

    Reno and the Doc

    Doc, as has-been track veterinarian, and Reno, a never-was skier, discover that they can tine in each other's thoughts, with some hilarious consequences. Doc persuades Reno to enter an international ski championship at Whistler Ski Resort, in British Columbia. Although the cover promises raunch, the film is a mildly funny, mildly entertaining Canadian entry, with some embarrassing stereotypes and some moments of genuine feeling and humour.

  • Tell Your Children

    Tell Your Children

    Low budget film attempting to warn of the evils of smoking marijuana. This movie is so incredibly silly that it has become a classic of its type. Originally called The Burning Question and Tell Your Children.

  • Reds


    Long but fascinating account of the lives of writers John Reed and Louise Bryant, whose idealistic ideas take them to Russia where Reed wrote the classic Ten Days That Shook The World. Great attention is paid to detail and authenticity of the period. A real masterpiece.

  • Red Dawn

    Red Dawn

    Eight teenagers are thrown into the harsh world of guerrilla warfare when their mid-western USA homeland is invaded by Russian and Cuban troops. They run off into the forests of the Rockies' foothills, living off the land, until a downed U.S. Air Force pilot turns them into a real fighting force. The story is one of heroism, and admittedly, jingoism, at a time when neither is particularly popular. It is very reminiscent of the somewhat heavy-handed W.W. II propaganda films about the French Resistance. It is generally quite entertaining, if not memorable.

  • Recommendation for Mercy

    Recommendation for Mercy

    A 14-year-old boy is forced to stand trial in an adult court in rape and murder charges. The dramatized version of the Steven Truscott case is a true story of the young Canadian lad who was found guilty of murdering a young female companion. Reasonably well made. Not for the youngsters.

  • Rebel Without a Cause

    Rebel Without a Cause

    Classic selling of the story of young people growing up and the tragedy which befalls them. A powerful story that has lost none of the impact with time. This film made James Dean a star.

  • Rebel Rousers

    Rebel Rousers

    A not particularly well done but amusing story of a drag race held to win a girl. The film is notable for the number of future stars in the cast.

  • Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

    Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

    A screen version of the famous old children's story. Typical Shirley Temple vehicle in which she becomes a star of radio. Highlight of this film is her dance with 'Bojangles' Robinson.

  • Rebecca


    Fabulous adaptation of the classic tale by Daphne du Maurier, about a young woman living in the shadow of her husband's first wife. Hitchcock at his very best.

  • The Razor's Edge

    The Razor's Edge

    A change of pace movie for funny man Murray who actually carries it off quite well. The story of war and disillusionment based on the classic by W. Somerset Maugham does tend to be a bit heavy-going most of the time.

  • Razorback


    Harrison (Trapper John M.D.) stars in a fascinating horror film set in Australia's outback, where he is confronted by a mysterious series of savage killings. Director Mulcahy is known primarily for his music videos with Kim Carnes, Fleetwood Mac and Duran Duran, and makes his feature film debut with this little grabber.

  • The Raven

    The Raven

    A rather beautifully done comedy spoof of horror movies with Price, Karloff and Lorre hamming it up and generally having a good time. Two sorcerers are in mortal combat, with Lorre as a rather drunken minor wizard on the sidelines. Jack Nicholson has a minor role as Lorre's son. Enjoyable.